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Some Explanation for future chapters
Ok. For the people who are reading Mixed up Memories I thank you for taking the time to read my first story. I didn't think it was good enough for people to actually read it. But anyway what I want to tell you is from here on out the format of the story is going to be different. It's going to be in script format. If you don't know what that is it's this
John: We are talking like this.
Pat: We will also have our thoughts (Like this)
Suzy: Also our actions will be like this. *Jumps around like a weirdo.*
There will be a lot narration with sentences or paragraphs in between. Also there will be several journal entries from both the main character and his love interest. The love interest's journal entries will come later in the story.
So that is what script format is. The reason for the change is originally this story was going to be on but when I first tried submitting some chapters they wouldn't let me have it in script format. I made the changes but in the end if I am goin
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Chapter 4 Goals and Struggles part 2
Ryu had another happy dream last night. Both Ditzy and himself were on the beach looking at the sunset together when Ditzy said to Ryu.
Hey Ryu. I have to tell you something.
Yeah what is it Ditzy?
I... I love you Ryu. *holds him gently*
!! D...Ditzy... I... I feel the same way about you too.
*He nods his head* I really do. Here let me prove it. *holds the back of her head and kisses her on the lips*
*She kisses back* *breaks up the kiss* Ryu. You made me the happiest mare ever.
I'm glad we are together. *kisses her again and then Ryu wakes up*
Ryu woke up with a happy expression on his face. He got out of bed and checked to see if Ditzy was awake. Sure enough she was awake.
M...morning Ditzy.
Morning Ryu. *smiles at him*
*his face turns red*
Are you ok? *walks up to him and puts a hoof on his forehead* Hmmm you don't seem sick. Must be something else.
Y..your most likely right Ditzy. *smiles and looks at the plate* T..thanks for cooking breakfast.
It's no big deal. It will be
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Chapter 3.5 The Dreams We Have
(( This will be a short chapter and it will involve both Ditzy Doo and Ryu Seron dreaming about each other. It will be clean dreams nothing dirty.... yet ;) )
Both Ryu Seron and Ditzy Doo were fast asleep after having the best day ever. Ditzy Doo was fast asleep after sharing her first kiss with another pony let alone somepony who was her best friend. She was dreaming where Ditzy was walking around in a meadow picking flowers when suddenly 3 Diamond Dogs came from underground.
"Looks over there guys. A cute little Pegasus in the meadow all by herself." said One Diamond Dog.
"You know what we should do right?" said another Diamond Dog.
"Yes.... Get her!!" Shouted the other Diamond Dog.
Suddenly all three of the Diamond Dogs started to run towards Ditzy Doo. She tried to fly away but she was too frightened to concentrate on flying so she ran away from the three Diamond Dogs. But try as she might she could not out run the Diamond Dogs and the three of them were about to pounce onto Ditzy.
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Chapter 3 Goals and Struggles part 1
Dear Journal, I am making a note of all the things that happened to me since I first arrived in a new world. I made lots of new friends and just trying to settle in the best that I can.
It has been 4 months since I first came to Equestria as this is the name of this world. I am staying in Ponyville with my new friend Ditzy Doo. During the first month here I had been introduced to all of Ditzy's friends. First there is Fluttershy, a kind and caring mare that has over a dozen animals that she takes care of in her house. Next is Pinkie Pie, the Crazy but lovable Mare that loves to meet new ponies and throw parties for them and her friends.
Next there is Applejack, A tough mare that isn't afraid of getting her hooves dirty. She works on a farm called Sweet Apple Acres with her big brother Big Mac, her grandmother Granny Smith and her little sister Apple Bloom. Now there is Rainbow Dash, The self proclaimed fastest Pegasus in all of Ponyville. She has a dream of becoming one of the Wonderbo
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Chapter 2 New Found Friendship
Ditzy had stayed the night at Fluttershy's house to watch over the knocked out stallion. Every so often Fluttershy would check his wounds and change his bandages, while giving a cup of tea to Ditzy.
"Please get better soon." said Ditzy while she looks at the hurt stallion.
"Don't worry Ditzy. I am sure he will wake up soon". Fluttershy said as she tends to her animals.*
3 more hours had passed by until the stallion had woken up. He lifted his head up slowly but he still had a head injury.
"Owwww what in the world hit me?" said the stallion.
"Oh thank goodness your awake. Are you feeling better?"
"Well I still feel bad but I'm fine." He said as he looks around the room ".... I can't see anything."
"Oh no are your eye's ok?" said Fluttershy.
"Yeah but I can't see anything without my glasses. Did you happen to find them where you found me?"
"I found these red glasses by your body. These yours?" asked Ditzy.
"Oh thank you. Yes those are mine. Can you put them on my face. I can't move any o
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Chapter 1 Something New
It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, Everypony was enjoying the sun that Princess Celestia had risen up like she does every morning. A gray Pegasus was out on her daily rounds delivering mail to everypony like she does every day. She would get a few ponies the wrong mail from time to time.
"Sorry for the confusion there Colgate. I should have known that you didn't order a package today." said Ditzy Doo.
"It's ok Ditzy. Everypony makes mistakes now and then." said Colgate
"Y..yeah. It's hard sometimes to get these things right you know. Well I'll be off. See ya later." said Ditzy Doo.
This gray Pegasus was named Ditzy Doo. She was your average mare. Some ponies called her Derpy Hooves either cuz they didn't know her real name or when the bullies wanted to make fun of her. She didn't mind most ponies calling her that except for the bullies.
"Well you messed up again Ditzy. It wasn't to bad this time. At least Colgate didn't get mad at me for giving her the wrong mail." said Ditzy Doo.
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Mixed up Memories: Prologue
This is the story of a boy named Ryu.
Now Ryu was an average person, had a couple of friends, A nice home that he lived in, and for the most part was quite happy. He especially loved talking to his sister Chihiro. Those two were happy whenever they were together.
But things started to change between the two of them, they started to argue with each other, the arguments started out small at first. Then the arguments grew more and more fierce until the two of them said something to each other that they regretted. The two of them stopped talking to each other after that.
The both of them tried to make up with one another but they couldn't talk to each other for more then 5 minutes before either one of them brought up their past arguments.
After 2 months of not speaking to each other Ryu decided to go over to her house and apologize to Chihiro and try to build up their friendship again. He decided to take a shortcut through the woods to save some time but he quickly learned that he was lost
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Knives Dylan Ponysona :icongentalmanboxer:GentalmanBoxer 0 8
The D Chronicles
The D Chronicles
Chapter 5
When the four of us rejoined Luffy and his friends we saw the they were done setting up the equipment for lunch, we were about to sit down when I said to everyone, "Wait everyone how about we all introduce ourselves and tell a little something about yourself to everyone."
They all agreed and so Luffy was the first one to start, "Hi my name is Monkey D. Luffy and I am a rubber man." Phoenix, Maya, and Pearls had a confused look on their face so I explained to that Luffy had eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi Fruit so he was a rubber man. They didn't believe me so I asked Luffy to give a little demonstration for them. So he got up walked to an open area and yelled out, "Gomu Gomu no Stamp,"
so his two feet were stretched and they impacted into the ground and Phoenix, Maya, and Pearls were convinced that he had special powers. So the rest of Luffy's crew introduced themselves and told a little about what they do in their daily lives then it was time for Phoenix, Maya and
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The D Chronicles
The D Chronicles
Chapter 4
Everyone looked behind Luffy to see who it was that Luffy was talking about, everyone's eyes were looking at me I waved at them and said, "Hey everyone long time no see." Just as I got done with my sentence I saw everyone running towards me except for: Usopp, Zoro, Franky, Brook, and Sanji.
I was greeted with hugs from them and a kiss on the cheek from both Nami and Robin and I thought to myself, "I just got a kiss from both Nami and Robin, Sanji is not going to like this." Thankfully Sanji didn't notice me getting kissed by both Nami and Robin. Everyone had a ton of questions to ask me, so I told them, "Everyone how about I answer those questions over some lunch, if that is okay with you Sanji?" Sanji said,
"That's alright with me." Everyone cheered and stared to unpack the things needed to for lunch. Just then Phoenix and Maya heard a voice calling out, "Mystic Maya, Mr. Nick where are you?" They quickly figured out who that was, it was Pearly Fey. The both
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The D Chronicles
The D Chronicles
Chapter 3
The three of us went to the impact site there was this huge crater and in that crater was just a single man but it was no ordinary man it was none other than the famous / infamous Monkey D Luffy. Everyone around the crater was in a shock what they had just seen except for me and Maya, so I went in the crater to see if Luffy was okay.
I went up to Luffy and ask, "Luffy are you okay?" Luffy stood up dusted himself off and said to me, "Hey D, It's been a long time since we last seen each other. Yeah I'm fine that didn't hurt too much." I made a sigh of relief and asked him, "Who are you fighting this time?" "No one just having a little sparring practice with Zoro and Franky." Nick and Maya both said," You have got to be kidding this is a little sparring practice. Look at the giant crater you made into the ground!"
So both me and Luffy jumped up into the air and I said to them, "Sorry but I'll explain everything later, but right now I'm hungry Luffy let's get San
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The D Chronicles
The "D" chronicles Introduction
Some people say that video games, manga, and anime can make you feel like the story to them was going to come alive, well for me that was going to be true. It was a very boring last day of school (by the way my name is Dylan Crouse, just your everyday school kid I'm 17 years old, never had a girlfriend, I like to play video games, watch anime and read manga, and I have a bunch of friends. Half of my friends are somewhat normal, the other half is just strange to be around but I wouldn't change any of them. Well that's the entire introduction I need so let's get back to the story.) I went inside my first period class when there were some announcements over the intercom, "Attention students this is your Principal speaking with an important announcement, the lock down we were having is now over and you can visit any of your teachers that you want, thank you and have a great last day everyone." I can't believe what I just heard, this was the best
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The D Chronicles
The "D" chronicles Chapter 1
Chapter 1
The bus ride home was just like any other one it was my last bus ride for this year and it was my turn to get off the bus, the bus driver said goodbye and I got off the bus and made my way home when there was this little girl she was laying on the ground and just looking up at the sky. So I asked her, "Why are you just looking up at the sky?" Then the girl looked up at me and responded by saying, "Just wondering if I can see any shapes in the clouds." I nodded in response to that and as I was just about to leave when the kid asked me, "What do you think if video game characters, anime/manga characters were real?" Then I said, "That would be awesome but something like that would never happen at all, then she asked, "Do you want that to happen?" I was puzzled at what she was asking but I said to her, "Yes I would like that to happen." I said in a joking attitude, and then she asked to shake her hand to seal the deal I went along with it as a joke. W
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The D Chronicles
The D chronicles Chapter 2
Chapter 2
I started to walk back home and I was talking to myself and I was saying "What was that flash of light and who was that strange girl?" but I just said to myself forget what just happened and get home. I got home and I tried to open the door to my house when I notice that the wasn't working then I stepped back and I realized that this wasn't my house, I turned around and I saw something that shouldn't be happening at all.
I was seeing a whole bunch of video game, anime, and manga characters just walking in the street. I thought I was dreaming so I rubbed my eyes but when I looked at the street again they didn't disappear. As I was in shock at what I was seeing suddenly there was someone was running towards me I tried to move out of the way but that girl crashed into me and we both fell down on the ground.
When I come too I saw that the person that ran into me was Maya Fey from The Ace Attorney series. We just stared at each other for about 3 minutes
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WHY IS THIS STILL IN caps oh there we go

1) I am Chinese-Australian. I was born and raised in Australia but my roots are Chinese.
2) I am known to judge "already successful/well
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        It was a nice day in Melbourne Australia. Jia Yun was video chatting in her room talking to her big brother Dylan about a lot different things, How school was going, how she was doing with Peter and of course talking about her friends. It was a nice time just talking to her big brother. She rarely gets to video chat with him so she wanted to savor each moment.

Sis: I can't wait til your birthday. You are going to love it. *she said with a excited tone in her voice* I've worked hard on it just for you.

Bro: That is so awesome sis. Can't you give me a little hint? *he slightly begged.*

Sis: No can do buster. You will just have to wait til it's you birthday pal~ *she giggles a bit*

Bro: Aww your no fun at all~ *he laughs a bit* Oh sis.. There is something I need to tell you. *he said with a sad tone*

Sis: What is it bro?

Bro: I won't be able talk to you for a while. My phone is busted and our internet with gone for at least 3 days.

Sis: But.. My birthday is in two days.. *she said while getting sad*

Bro: I know sis. I am really sorry. I wish I could do something about it. I promise you that when I am able to talk to you then I most definitely will. *smiles a bit*

Sis: Ok then. I will wait til I hear from you again.

Bro: Thanks sis. *hears his brother saying he needs to get off.* Well I have to go sis. Happy early birthday. Talk to you when I can ok?

Sis: Thank you. See ya. I love you big bro!

Bro: Love you too little sis. *smiles and then logs off Skype.

Jia Yun was sad that her brother wouldn't be there for her but she knew that her bro would keep that promise and talk to her when he can.

    It was Jia Yun's birthday. She was turning 20 this year. She did her birthday early with her family and she was alone at her home on her birthday for a little bit. It was quiet in the house and Jia Yun was bored. She was drawing in her room alone and thinking about how both Miku-chan and Dilly weren't online. She was a little sad but she knew that they will be online so that she can tell them how her birthday went. There was a knock on the door and she got up to answer it. When she opened the door and there was a huge box with a delivery girl behind it. She said it was for her and asked if she could bring it in. Jia Yun said yes and the delivery girl moved it inside.

Delivery girl: There you go miss. Now I need you to sign the paper work. *she handed her a clip board and then Jia Yun signed it.*

Jy: Thank you very much Madam. Wonder whats inside? *she says this then the box starts to move. She jumps back and the smoke comes out from the cracks in the box. Then suddenly a person pops out and it turns out to none other then Jia Yun's brother Dylan*

Dylan: Surprise Lil' sis! Like magic I have appeared in front of you!

Jy: Dylan.. that you? *she said as she slowly approaches him*

Dylan: Yes it's me sis. I am sorry I didn't tell you the truth but I wanted it be a surprise. *he smiles*

Jy: I don't care. I am just so happy that you are here. *she runs and hugs him tightly*

Dylan: Oh and that's not all sis. Someone else is here.

Jy: Oh who is it?

Delivery Girl: It's me!! *she jumps back and in a flash of light out pops Miku-chan* Ah Ha! I was the Delivery girl the whole time!

Jy: OMG I totally didn't know at all! *she was le shocked*

Dylan: Yes! Now we can have the best time ever!

And so the three hero's went on and had the best time that those three could have. And the lived happily ever after.

Sis. This was made for you in one day. I know I said that I was working on something for you but in reality I just forgot.
I am so sorry bout that sis. When you said that you were working on something for me I wanted to do the same.
But I just plain forgot about it til today. I know you will forgive me but I can't really do that to myself.
You are best sibling I've ever had. You care for me, make me laugh, comfort me when I am down
and you also introduced me to some new friends and made me open up just a little more
even if you didn't know it. Look I just wanted to say that I hope you have
a wonderful 20th birthday! I will be here til the end of time!
With love from your Big Bro Dilly.


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